Use the Qurb app to:
  • Know what's happening in a location regardless of who's announcing it
  • Let people know what's happening around you

  • With Qurb you don't follow or friend people, You follow locations
NO Qurb is a location based announcement app.
Qurb is all about announcements coming from locations that you are following.
If you would like to connect with people, then Qurb can help you do so by linking you with that user through your favorite social media app like Facebook or Instagram
A Qurb is simply a recent announcement by anyone from a location. The messages that you see on your timeline are Qurbs
Qurbs are received through Qurb receivers. You can create a Qurb receiver by simply tapping on the location that you wish to follow on the map. You can also define the radius of your Qurb receiver
We created the Qurb app to allow people to share recent announcements, events and activities in their location. Qurbs expire in 24 hours to make sure that they are recent and not outdated
NO you can choose to continue without logging in from the login screen.
If you are not the type of person who would be interested in making announcements on what's happening around you and are only interested in knowing what's happening in certain locations, then you really don't need to login, simply continue without logging in and enjoy the app.
At Qurb, we believe in your right to know the source of the information you receive. For that reason, if any user would like to make an announcement to the public then they should be identified through their Facebook or Instagram profiles.
As Qurb is an announcement platform, allowing anonymous announcements can result in trolling, false information and irrelevant content
NO we group all Qurbs within a 3.2 mile (5 KM) radius into one general location. Which means that your Qurbs and all other users Qurbs that are within a 3.2 mile radius around you will be assigned to the same general area.
When other users add a receiver to where your Qurb is, they can only know that you are residing somewhere in that general area.
You can if you choose to, share your exact location by tapping on the "location pin" when you create a new Qurb
NO we will not share the link to your profile unless you choose to do so while posting your Qurb. The link you will be sharing will also expire in 24 hours along with the Qurb
You don't have to login, you can choose to continue without logging in. By doing so, you will be able to use all features of the app except for posting a Qurb or commenting on one.
Using the app
Qurb is not about following or friending people, it's about following locations and knowing what's happening there regardless of who is making the announcement from that location.
More importantly, since we are a location based platform, allowing users to follow other users may cause a privacy issue.
We allow users to share their Facebook or Instagram profiles on their Qurbs if they choose to. If you are interested with someone who happens to share their social media profile, then you can simply link to them on Facebook or Instagram.
If you would like to follow a person, then it's not the location you are interested in.
The Qurb app will help you find interesting people in locations you are following and will help you connect with them through your favorite social media app.
At Qurb, we do not intend to be a replacement for current social media platforms